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Table of Contents

Introduction: Call of the wild and other stirrings.
True leadership, the Yukon, and the ghost of
Jack London whisper.

Chapter 1: Get a worthy quest! As the individual searches for meaning, something unexpected happens. The search itself becomes meaningful.

Chapter 2: Give life to your values! Frank refuses to cull his dogs. If they are injured, he nurses them back to health.

Chapter 3: Get the right dogs in the right jobs! The crippled fit between the right person in the wrong job and the wrong person in the right job wastes energy, time, and money.

Chapter 4: Obtain permission to lead! Creating a dog team is about relationships. The puzzle and challenge is to understand each dog individually, and then, build from the chemistry.

Chapter 5: Develop an iron will! Passionate leaders' unwavering focus eliminates distractions. Their execution does not tolerate procrastination, ineffi-ciency, or poor working relations.

Chapter 6: Foster community support! Passionate leaders give back to a community. It triggers a chain reaction that inevitably gives back in kind. Energy begets energy.

Beginning: Six tasks for passionate leaders. Being a passionate leader is fun. You wake up looking forward to each day. The chase is on. The payoff is discovery, connection, learning, and self-knowledge.


Treat People Like Dogs!
Six Tasks For Passionate Leaders

by Dr. Robert Norton
ISBN: 1-876555416
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(158 pp)

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