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Call of the Wild™ workshops take you on a mythic and epic journey to explore six tasks that passionate leaders must get in place. Productivity increases, energy jumps, spirits soar, and creativity explodes when this happens.

The workshop participants receive a copy of
Treat People Like Dogs! Six Tasks for Passionate Leaders, and may include an optional camping trip in the wilderness.

The workshop provides the opportunity to craft a worthy quest for yourself or your company. It shows you how to bring life to your values, get the right people in the right jobs, obtain permission to lead, develop an iron will, and foster community support.
Who should attend? Executives, senior managers, and management teams who want to foster
passionate leadership.
Locations: We offer Call of the Wild™ or Renewal for Women™ workshops throughout the year in the United States, Canada, and Australia. We will accommodate your requirements, and customize workshops for unique needs. Download Brochure or Contact us at

We design the Renewal for Women™ workshops for the female who works hard in a company, but needs to take time off for herself to rejuvenate, for the female who has raised her family and now needs to open an new chapter in her life, and for the female on the verge of burnout and needs a break to renew.

The workshops bring women together in a time and space that is different from their routine schedule and location. The workshops allow the person time to reflect and focus on critical questions.The Renewal for Women™ workshops are based on international re-search that focuses on the energy of women.

We concentrate on the physical and mental energy of the person. The interactive workshop allows women to hear perspectives from other women. We zero in on a well defined problem and customize powerful strategies to stimulate and sustain energy, to renew and rejuvenate. In six months, we follow up to support and assess the commitments.