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Address: 3205 Wharton Street Butte Montana 59701

Dr. Robert Norton,
a Fulbright Scholar,
specializes in change
and intervention. He
is an expert in crisis
marketing, and executive coaching. He has worked with over 200 companies.

Robert began public speaking at Montana State University where he became a national champion in debate, oratory, and oral interpretation of literature. He coached debate at the
State University of New York (Albany) before earning his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin.

He is frequent keynote speaker at communication, health, and leadership conferences. He has given over 1000 talks in schools, hospitals, businesses, prisons, drug centers, churches, and community groups. As a former Dean of Business, Director of his own international consulting firm and practical marketer, he is an ideal presenter for business conferences.

Currently, Robert focuses on passionate leadership. His latest book is
Get a Quest.

In his leisure time, he does stand up comedy. He describes himself as a "brooding" comedian. And, he rides motorbikes. He rode 4000 miles from Montana to Alaska, and wrote a book about it.

Dr. Catherine Norton focuses on leadership, renewal, communication, motivation and performance. Catherine challenges individuals to realize their potential and be optimally effective.

Her clients call her a
"facilitators' facilitator". She works internationally (Australia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand and the United States) with hundreds of groups across a range of industries, including Boards, senior management teams, team leaders, and team members.

She helps manufacturers speed up and make new product development more efficient and effective by resolving people-related issues. In addition, she works extensively in health related fields.

She is an expert in helping women stay committed to high performance in the workplace or helping women who are burned out to renew their commitment. In 2005, Catherine directed a national research project on workplace motivation with over 500 business and professional women in Australia. The study identified issues relating to work, energy, motivation, performance, ageing, health and well being.