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A quest is about passion and determination. It is caring about something and steadfastness. It is about wanting and relentless search. A quest, as such, has power, poetry, and pizazz. By definition, a quest is purposeful activity doggedly pursued to achieve an ambitious and doable objective. Something important occurs when you resolutely pursue a quest. The motivating impact of a worthy quest is so powerful that every person should devote inordinate attention to it. A worthy quest is magical. It marshals energy, lights fires in the belly, and affirms life.
It begins with Frank Turner in the Yukon Territory. He and 14 dogs run the Yukon Quest, a 1000-mile race up the Yukon River from Whitehorse to Fairbanks in the coldest part of winter. He is the only musher to enter the race 22 times.

Wild Norton Fire; 1 edition (June 1, 2012)

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Get a Quest
by Dr. Robert Norton

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