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When routine, more of the same, perhaps a sense
of meaningless, alienation, or, maybe depression,
feels like a trap, you need energy. Energy, like wild fire,
changes and transforms your life, family, and work.
Passion burns, motivates, and renews. Learning

and renewal follow.

Wild Norton Fire
lights fires that create excitement and generate enthusiasm. We break people out of traps, whether at work (executives, managers, and associates) or in their personal lives.
In our Workshops, we take people on a journey that renews their spirit.

Treat People Like Dogs!
Six Tasks For Passionate Leaders

by Dr. Robert Norton
ISBN: 1-876555416
List price: US$4.99
(158 pp)

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Get a Quest

by Dr. Robert Norton
List price: US$3.99
(99 pp)

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Book Endorsements
Dr. Jerry Vanek
Veterinarian, researcher, musher
Corporate executives, middle managers, and scout troop leaders will discover what accomplished dog mushers have known for decades—"You can't push a rope!" Robert Norton recognizes and describes the fundamental leadership skills developed over the ages by mushers faced with the challenge of motivating their dog teams from behind. He translates these leadership concepts into an easily understood, highly readable text for leaders and leaders-in-training across all strata of management. This book is a must read for any leader contemplating their ultimate Quest.

Peter Block Consultant, author of Stewardship and Flawless Consulting
The imagery of the Yukon Quest and the metaphor for leadership are fascinating. This book is about spirit, courage and the capacity of the human heart. The message is much needed in our world, and I recommend this book wholeheartedly.

Stephen Merman Past President, American Society for Training & Development, business coach
Wow what a story! Once again, the master of the metaphor brings meaning and life to leadership that inspires leaders at all levels to get into action and create possibilities for everyone. This is a must read book for those stuck in the midst of a no growth, no excitement enterprise. It will be required reading for my executive clients.

Dr. Richard Ranta Dean of College of Communication and Fine Arts, University of Memphis
This story is one of the most rewarding and stimulating books on leadership you will ever read, even if you are not a sled dog lover.

Mohammad Ghazaly VP Business Development, Al Ritaj Kuwait

It was an AMAZING experience for two reasons. First, I came to know so much about Dogs. There are few organisms that have always impressed me i.e., dogs, horses, ants, honey bees. I mean, despite their limitations, they are so organized in teamwork, consistency, perseverance, planning, execution and quality control that are both exiting and astounding to me at the same time. Second, I had this insight, that if you cannot force a dog to perform against his will, how can you compel human beings, who possess higher level intelligence and ability to synthesize scenarios and options. No wonder there are so many dissatisfied people doing an "Day's Pay" without their companies having an iota of sense as to what they are losing as an unrealized potential. Please convey my thanks, best regards and admiration to Dr Robert Norton for a remarkably arresting book that makes a fabulous weekend read.

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